Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of MD at Cortland

      Before my first class for motor development, I was really concerned about this class, but towards the end of class it didnt seem too bad. In the beginning of class, Mr.Yang(the teacher) asked us if we knew someone who already took his class tell us what it is about and what to look for? Nobody raised their hands, but I am sure there were some including myself that did look into the class, but me being a little shy didnt want to be the only one raising my hand and I bet he knew that.
     As the class progressed, he took us on a tour of the park center showing us possible locations we would meet, equipment we may use and basically what the class was all about. After all that I realized that it wont be bad after all. Only problem is I don't know where St.Mary is so i'll probably go looking for it later today, so I know how to get there on Wednesday for lab.
     All in all, I think this class wasnt as horrible as I thought, he told us it not going to be all lecture where you sit and take notes. But to actually interact and see if P.E is really the job for us. For me I think it is I really like to interact and try new things.
    I'll end with this, I only had one problem, his class is in the Park Center and my next class was in the Moffet Hall......and let me tell you its not around the block either it is quite a walk. Even taking the bus, I was about 5 mins late to class. If anything I know it was the first day but managing the time better might help me get to my next class on time lol.