Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween @ St. Mary's

A Scary Halloween Lab 4 at St. Marys
        It was a great Halloween day at St. Mary's. I dressed up as a ninja and the kids liked it, they all wanted to play with me and have my attention. We started out observing the two students for catching and throwing and both did better than I expected. By the time we were done with that my group, the Pre-K, were outside in the playground, We played a great game of freeze tag and just running having a good time. I wasn't able to do my activity  because we were short on time. They had snack and afterward did Nicole's activity in coloring in a plate that was shaped like a pumpkin and they also colored. I was a little annoyed because we didn't have time to do my activity, this week's lab when by so quick we didn't have time to do our activities in the gym with the Pre-K but it was still a good time. We ended with a  great tag game, a very creative song, and a halloween cheer. I think I did a better this week, I projected my voice when I was outside and had everyone's attention when playing tag outside.

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