Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The HEATED Debate

The Great Debate was basically a three day debate against three groups fighting on what they believed was better to implement into the curriculum for their students. My group was called the fitness finatics and we believed in life time activities. While the other two groups were for and against implementing long stick use in physical education. 
Day One: Each group started with their opening statements, then afterwards each presenting via powerpoint, video, demonstration, or lecture arguing why ours would work out better.

Day Two: The second day was the rebuttal stage where we all would rebut each others presentation and argue what we thought the mistakes or errors they stated. Then afterwards, we questioned each others groups and this is where I believed the Great Debate turned into the HEATED Debate because it was basically a free for all, we were all questioning eachother and trying to back up what we as a group believed in and what was right, that process took a long period of time. That's how day two ended, the board couldn't decide on a short period of time and we had to move to a day three.

Day Three: This was a short day, where we all awaited The Boards decision. All in all, when they made their decision, they ended up choosing all three groups because all three groups had made great points and backed up their curriculum they were trying to pass.
This debate was a good practice tool for the real world because there will be times that us as P.E teachers are going to have to defend on what we believe in and what's better than practicing NOW!

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