Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SUPER day at St. Mary's. (LAB 3)

It was superhero theme today at St.Mary's.

  I felt like today was going to be a great day at St. Mary's. All in all, it was pretty amazing, I dressed up as a superhero and the kids responded to that in a positive way. Teaching in the gym wasn't as what I thought it would be today, I felt like me and my group didn't have a lot of control, they were running all over the place, but that is good because they have all the energy and this is what they needed to release it. But when we were trying to get their attention they didn't want much of it. I think we were successful in completing the task we had but it was hard. Other than the gym, going outside and in the cafeteria was fun, we played kickball outside and they really got into it, as for the cafeteria they ate their snack and then played a few games of seven up. When we played in the gym again we played games like football and baseball and I realized how I stink at jump roping and hula hooping. I think what I have learned from this day is to find other ways of getting the children's attention maybe a whistle and also practice to talk LOUD so the whole gym can hear me.

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