Wednesday, September 29, 2010

St. Mary School: Take two

            It was the second day at St. Mary’s and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, like I knew what I had to do when it came to observing and teaching my game, but when it came to special projections I didn’t know what I was in for. In my group Nicole did the camera and Dan was interviewing people for a newsletter. I was the one that had to create a better more creative graph for a club they have called Minute Club, which I think is a club that keeps track of the fourth, fifth and sixth graders who finishing changing in the locker rooms in less than a minute and whoever has the most at the end of each month get a prize.
              When it came time to teaching and putting my game into action I have to admit I was nervous or what others would call having butterflies. But I got through it and I probably could have done things better but I was happy with the results for the first time. I know for a fact that if I continue with improvements each week at St.Mary’s my learning and teaching abilities will only get better and better.

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