Wednesday, September 22, 2010


   See to me I don't mind games like duck duck goose and dodge ball, they are fun recreational games. But are they good for physical education classes? Well it depends, if there was an alternate to the game. Because games like these dont require a lot of movement and interaction, unless you were really into it.
          Now the games I saw in the books weren't that bad, lots of people dislike the game tag but I think its a good physical activity game gets you running and there are so many alternatives to the game of tag. A game like dodge ball you can have an alternative where everyone is moving around. You can have many balls(preferably soft) to dodge in the game so everyone is running around and getting their dynamic exercise. When in jail have the jailmate doing jumping jacks or some other static exercise so they are still moving.
          In P.E classes I see a lot of standing around and not getting a lot of exercising or physical activities in in a short period of time. So doing drills and preparing for whatever you are about to play is a good way to get everyone involved.

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