Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sporting Equipment(long handle ones) + kids = Bad News

Whether its a hockey stick, baseball bat, lacrosse stick whatever........ young children all they want to do is have fun and sometimes not think. The way the brain develops when young, children brains aren't fully developed. When they have something in there hands they either just swing it or might put it in their mouth. Holding a type of sporting equipment could also lead to danger because them not having the maturity level of an older child. They can actually hurt them or someone else. I know when I was younger I used to play sword fights with baseball bats and lets just say it didnt end well. But in Physical Education classes as long as the teachers have control of their students and say if you do something wrong or misuse the equipment then they would get punished with either a timeout or a trip to the principal's office. But if you dont have control of your children then you might be out of a job because if you can't control them and a lot of them get hurt under your watchful eye, then the school will know you are not cut out for the job and cut you loose.

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